interwoven editing


thoughtful editing for

people with purpose

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Sarah is able to turn documents around very quickly and professionally. She is also lovely to work with!
— Gillian Aubie Vines, Pinna Sustainability
Working with Sarah was the best thing I did for my book. Sarah was thorough and thoughtful in her edits, on top of being incredibly easy to work with. I was able to write my novel with ease because I knew Sarah was going to edit all of my embarrassing mistakes, and I was able to publish my novel with confidence because of Sarah’s work.
— Lia Davis Munro, Emmy Nation: Undercover Suffragette
Sarah was a pleasure to work with. She was so thorough, and went through every part of her editing approach with patience and clarity. However, the best part about my experience with her was the genuine and unedited joy she expressed in my project and in helping me reach its shiny potential! Thank you, Sarah!
— Kelly Wilk, The High-Flying Adventures of Captain Grief
dictionary plus weaving close.jpg