about you

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I know, normally this page would be all about me. But what you really want to know is that you have landed on the right website.

You are creative and innovative. You use your expertise to find creative solutions to local and global problems, or you use your creativity to explore and expand the world through memoir or fiction. Whatever it is that you write—technical reports, marketing materials, blog posts, novels—you need me to help make it as polished as possible. 

You are a busy consultant who doesn’t want to spend your billable hours debating where a comma should go. You have projects coming out of your ears; impressing your clients is essential. And they are important clients—different levels of government, organizations doing meaningful work, influential people. Leave the commas to me.

You are a creative writer who wants to release your dreams into the world. You have spent countless hours pouring your soul into your writing and now you want to share it. Whether you are self-publishing or submitting it to a publisher, you want it to be as refined as possible so your words can sing. Let me tidy things up—I promise to be gentle with your heart's work.

about me

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Ok, ok, about me.

My name is Sarah MacKinnon. I am based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and I can work with clients anywhere with internet access.

I am your picky-detail expert. I make sure your message gets through loud and clear by taking care of all the mechanics of your writing—punctuation, spelling, grammar, word usage, and consistency.

There are not as many set rules in the English language as most people believe. I really think about what I am editing and make smart, thoughtful edits that consider the context and audience. If something doesn't make sense, I will fix it or point it out and make suggestions.

I’ve been the word nerd in almost every office I have worked in, including writing, editing, and managing the production of various types of reports and marketing materials. I have always loved finicky, repetitive tasks, whether it's threading a loom or doing meticulous data entry. 

I am an analytical thinker, a weaver of words and threads, an artist, a pattern and number lover, a food allergy educator, a ukulele player, and a mother of two.

what's in a name?

Why is my business called "interwoven editing"? I have many interests and a varied educational and work history. I love science and math and did a couple of years of engineering and chemistry back in the day. I then pursued my artistic side formally in university. I used to be an actual weaver. I had a floor loom and I made scarves, shawls, wall-hangings, and more. I have also worked in many offices, applying my organizational skills and eye for detail to many settings.

My editing work weaves it all together and allows me to continually learn about the world and contribute to the greater good through the good work of others. Everything is interwoven.